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is to give you two alternative options for purchasing my albums. I take credit card orders over the phone as well as Paypal orders from those who already have an account set up there. If you would like to use one of these options to purchase my CD's, please contact me by phone at: (808) 497-1512 or by E-mail at: johntussey777@gmail.com  Ordering directly from me will afford you the very best prices available. CD's are usually mailed the same day they are ordered. 

John Tussey


New CD Release! 


Serenity 444, recorded at 444Hz tuning, is a collection of 10 lovely, original, engaging keyboard selections. Serenity 444 has a soothing gentle embrace that will keep you listening for hours. Included are piano solos, acoustic and electric piano with pad tracks, and 2 serene synthesizer soundscapes. This music is superb for relaxing, reflecting, prayer times and sleeping. These sounds are an excellent choice for doctors, massage therapists and any home or business setting requiring music that brings calm and peace to the listener. This album is also excellent for churches who need background music for ministry times. The music is very beautiful...A treasure and a rare gem.

~John Tussey 




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I am a music pioneer and forerunner. I have been recording music embedded with frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements to help in promoting health and wellness since March 2011 - Frequencies of Life, Frequencies of Creation, Frequencies of the Heart, Frequencies of Thought, Frequencies of Oxygen and Nature, Frequencies of DNA and Frequencies of Abundance CD's and also record music at 432Hz - Majestic Journey CD and 444Hz - The "Healing Flow" track on the Solfeggio Frequencies CD as well as the solfeggio frequencies - 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz and 852Hz on the Solfeggio Frequencies CD and Solfeggio Frequencies 2 - Crystal Blue Renaissance CD. Piano Embrace 444  and Serenity 444 are recorded at 444Hz. 

My music is being used for relaxation and de-stressing, to calm children in schools, to help babies, children and adults as a sleep aid, background music in homes and businesses and during prayer times and quiet times. I invite those with sleep problems and PTSD to take a listen to sound samples, believing this music will help you relax.


I have many CD's available and invite you to take a look at them by clicking on the "Buy John's Music" menu above. Physical CD's, CD quality FLAC format digital downloads as well as MP3-320 and standard MP3 digital downloads are all available at CD Baby. Please take a listen to samples of my music with the Periodic Table of Elements.


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