Heavenly Soundscapes


"Heavenly Soundscapes" is an atmospheric, spatial, ambient musical adventure into wide open places of serene delight. The sound palettes are warm, inviting and embracing. Come and take a journey that you will love!





Frequencies of Ascension - Peaceful Place


This is a re-release of my "Peaceful Place" album recorded in January 2011. This re-edited, remixed and re-mastered album has new instrument sounds on tracks 1 and 3 and is tuned to and embedded with the frequency of Oxygen. The music is spiritually deep.





Frequencies of Silver and Gold


Frequencies of Silver and Gold is an instrumental soundscape that will take you on a journey of experiencing encouragement and comfort. The music is profoundly engaging and will usher you into a place of deep peace.





Flowing 444


A collection of serenely uplifting, inspiring and emotionally soothing and comforting piano and synthesizer tracks. You will definitely want this one in your music library. Flowing 444 will take the listener away to wonderful places of serene comfort and peaceful pleasure. The music is played with an intuitive sensitivity and infused with deep feelings and emotions, some of which elude description. This is timeless music from another realm, awaiting your listening ear. An amazing journey awaits you in Flowing 444. 





Serenity 444


Serenity 444 has a soothing gentle embrace that will keep you listening for hours. The music is very lovely and engaging. Mostly acoustic and electric piano, including solo pieces as well as piano with added pad for ambiance. A treasure and a rare gem.





Solfeggio Frequencies 2 - Crystal Blue Renaissance

Keyboard soundscapes presenting a fresh, embracing sound, an ethereal sound, a sound that will take you in and take you to new places, new realms, new experiences.

Frequencies of Abundance


Creative and engaging keyboard soundscapes recorded with frequencies of the 11 abundant elements found in the human body. Styles range from contemporary, classical, ambient, spatial/atmospheric to easy-listening.You will love it!

Frequencies of DNA

 The tracks on Frequencies of DNA have a heavenly, healing quality, bringing the listener to a place of profound peace and tranquility. Frequencies of DNA won two 2016 Big Island Music Awards, including one for the Inspirational Category.

Frequencies of Oxygen and Nature


Beautiful, engaging, fresh, embracing piano and synthesizer soundscapes tuned to the frequency of Oxygen. Refreshing nature sounds grace many of the tracks.


Solfeggio Frequencies


Solfeggio Frequencies is a soundscape journey using lush layers of synth and sampled sounds and creative chord structures.

My music is freely flowing, heavenly and comforting. Like the floating, drifting clouds passing by, this music will give you a feeling of peace and carefree wonder. Many textures, moods and emotions are here. Enjoy!

Frequencies of Thought


Brilliant, beautiful, captivating synthesizer soundscapes recorded with frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements to support the brain. Soothing, calming, majestic, stirring, engaging...many moods...much peace.

"Frequencies of Thought" is a collection of beautiful, captivating, moving soundscapes recorded with 17 frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements. These frequencies were embedded into the music. The purpose for this CD is to support the brain. The following frequencies were used in this CD - Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Chlorine, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Boron, Copper, Zinc, Silicon, Selenium and Iron.

Majestic Journey


Keyboard soundscapes that will take you on a majestic journey.

This CD is a musical journey to many beautiful places...places of peace, joy, love and serenity. The synth and string sounds will lift your spirit and carry you along to new heights and depths of musical experience.

A432 is a special tuning, purported to be a harmonic of light. "Majestic Journey" was recorded in that tuning. It is said that music tuned to A432 feels better to the body and mind and is more natural to listen to. Hope you will greatly enjoy!

Frequencies of the Heart


Soothing, relaxing synthesizer soundscapes recorded with frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements (PTOE) that support the circulatory system. The purpose for this music is to promote health and wellness.

20 Frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements are included.

Frequencies of Life


The music on this CD was recorded with 9 frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements (PTOE). The title of each song contains the element frequency it was named for. Relaxing and peaceful - recorded to promote health and wellness.

Experience music recorded with frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements (PTOE)! The purpose for this synthesizer instrumental CD is to promote health and wellness. Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium are Magnesium are 8 of the 11 abundant human elements that make up almost 99% of the human body. Zinc is one of the 20 trace elements. My friend David Van Koevering (quantum physicist, inventor, musicologist and visionary) introduced me to this concept and because of him, I am able to record with frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements (PTOE). Many people have had a variety of experiences while listening to this CD.

Time and Eternity


Ambient, dreamy, spacial, atmospheric, ethereal, easy-listening.

Need to De-Stress? This keyboard instrumental CD is extremely soothing and relaxing! The instrumentation includes a variety of piano and electric piano sounds combined with several different synth and vox pads and strings, sometimes stacked many times. The peaceful, serene synthesizer soundscape textures on this CD will help bring you to a place of complete relaxation. "Time and Eternity" is among the most relaxing CD's on the market today.


Peaceful Place


Ambient, atmospheric, relaxing, uplifting, peaceful serene synthesizer soundscapes.